Professional candles for HO-RE-CA sector

Choose professional candles in numerous varieties of colors and shapes for a special touch in your restaurant, hotel or SPA. With no worries about keeping your ambiental of functional candle-lights, you can completely focus on your guests and your service.


More than half-a-millennium old tradition gains trust of its customers by keeping a promise of a reliable long-lasting odourless light. Flames, coming from pillar candles or tealight candles, stay lit for as long as they are supposed to. There’s an abundant offer awaiting for you in our webshop.

Hofer Kerzen represented by Fokus plamen/Candele Horeca


Lumea is a brand offering different kinds of hard wax candles as well as liquid and led Lumea light alternatives. Accompanied by glass candle holders and chafing heaters they cover a wide area of hotel, restaurant or catering business needs. For more about Lumea products, check our webshop.

Lumea Candles represented by Fokus plamen/Candele Horeca


Burner International

Innovative, high-quality, save and environment friendly original firestarters come from continuous development and innovation of Denmark-based company Burner International known all over the world. Useful in indoor or outdoor fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, BBQ grills, and bonfires. Private and business customers appreciate this professional product, which is also the first choice among our HO-RE-CA clients.

Burner International represented by Fokus plamen/Candele Horeca


Angelo Poretti

Did you know that each number written by the Angelo Poretti beer type represents the number of different hop kinds combined? Harmony of these high-class italian beers is inspired by over 130-year old tradition bringing together bear flavours from all over the world. One of the most amazing achievements was their so-called “champagne beer”, developed for EXPO 2015 and containing 10 different kinds of hops from all five continents.

Angelo Poretti represented by Fokus plamen/Candele Horeca

Ambient Fragrances

Acqua delle Langhe

As the creator of these amazing perfume bases says, Aromas can evoke our memories and emotions. Acqua delle Langhe is a result of intuition, dream, experience and one-of-a-kind storytelling approach that takes you to the salt way, among vineyards, tasting favourite grapes and smelling blossoming meadows toward long romantic journeys into the mysterious faraway places … the gentle magical fragrances that persist and charm your guests.

Acqua delle Langhe represented by Fokus plamen/Candele Horeca